About Us

Gentalking was created by a young creative and practical daily necessities team, it is the store of choice for all creative and practical everyday hair enthusiasts. Our collections are constantly growing, with a variety of creative and practical everyday items.

In just a few months since our launch in early 2019, we have acquired a considerable fan base in social media and even been featured in some creative and practical daily necessities journals. We are dedicated to improving the quality of our products and service each day and making our website a truly "happy place" for creative and practical daily necessities

Why buy from Gentalking  ?
We are very choosy about the suppliersthat we work with. We strive to maintain a high quality of service and deliver the orders within the minimum possible time.
We areaccountable for what we sell. Our refund policy ensures that you do not need to pay excessive shipping costs to return a defective item to us when it's our fault. Instead, we send you a replacement or an equivalent shopping voucher. (For more information, read our Refund Policy.)
We offer 100% free deliveryon all orders to customers in over 50 countries. All of our shipments are trackable, which means you can track your order from the time it leaves the warehouse until it arrives at your doorstep.

For any inquiries, please contact us at:service@Gentalking  .com